Welcome! Please join to learn and discuss abiotic stress research, techniques and technologies used to study abiotic stress and exciting results from the field!

Since plants' abiotic stress response can go all the way from field phenotyping to the cellular level, we hope this network will be a hub for plant scientists working in the extensive field of plant  abiotic stress responses.  we courage people  to share papers, ideas , post information on their own research, and collaborate with  plant scientists using different approaches.

Feel free to post information and ideas related to abiotic stress research and comment on the current articles and discussions. 

Do you have any recommended reviews on abiotic responses to share on our bibliopgraphy?

What instruments and devices do you use to measure stress responses?

What phenotyping platforms are you using?

Electrophysiology is a valuable tool for stress research - can you contribute to a list of articles?

We're also making a video library. If you know of any videos, please add them to this network - you can use the Create+ button and paste in a URL to any video on YouTube or Vimeo.