The ASPB African Researchers Network was established with the intention of bringing together plant biologists on the African continent with African scholars studying abroad and those in developed countries collaborating with scientists in Africa and allies.

As plant biologists, many of the challenges we aim to address in our research directly affect farmers on the African continent, making such collaborations critical. 

As such, we aim to: 

1. Offer a resource for networking opportunities to address critical issues relative to agriculture in Africa;

2. Share information about job and funding opportunities across the globe;

3. Provide workshops on special topics that support African scientists and collaborators;

4. Provide mentoring opportunities for African scientists, especially those navigating the academic and industry process on immigrant visas (all levels are welcome);

5. Promote and increase the representation of research done by African scholars and those collaborating with African farmers and researchers.

6. Establish solid partnerships between ASPB and African plant science research institutions.