Welcome to the Early Career Plant Scientists (ECPS) Section of ASPB

Pardon our digital dust!  This page is still under construction. --ECPS Leadership

Mission: To advance, represent, and support early career members of ASPB.

Who is an Early Career Plant Scientist?

The “Early Career” umbrella includes all scientists during their training, the start of their career, and the transitions in between.  We define EC as anyone within 10 years of graduation from their most recent degree. If your most recent degree is an undergraduate degree, take the graduation year and add 10 years. If your most recent degree is a PhD, add 10 years to that graduation year. We welcome anyone who identifies as “EC” to participate in this section.

What is the Early Career Plant Scientists Section?

The ECPS Section of ASPB brings together Early Career members across plant science disciplines around the world for a community of like-minded scholars.

What ECPS do?

  • Provide an online community for early career plant scientists.

  • Host meet-ups and professional development events at ASPB meetings.

  • Promote grant, outreach, professional development, and networking opportunities.

  • Open dialogue with ASPB Committees through Early Career Representatives (see more here).

  • Advocate for early career interests to ASPB governance and membership.

  • And much more!

Why should you join?

  • Find peers outside of your institution!

  • Learn about opportunities for service and professional development.

  • Voice your opinions with other early career plant scientists to the ASPB leadership.

How do you join?

Add the Early Career Section to your ASPB Membership for only $5 per year. Visit to add to your membership.

How is ECPS different from the Conviron Scholars or ASPB Ambassadors?

The ECPS is open to all to join.  We have no requirements for membership beyond a small annual fee. The Conviron Scholars and Ambassadors programs require applications and accept small cohorts. We look forward to working closely with the Conviron Scholars and Ambassadors programs to support early career plant scientists!

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