The Environmental and Ecological Plant Physiology (EEPP) section is the only theme-based section within the American Society of Plant Biologists. This section represents anyone interested in the broad category that our name implies. Our goal is to integrate leaf and plant- level responses to biotic and abiotic stress under field and laboratory conditions, to set molecular physiology in an ecological context, or to provide a basis for scaling root and shoot level responses to canopy, ecosystem and region for crops or natural vegetation.

Our mission is to:

  • Advance and promote the science and practice of Environmental and Ecological Plant Physiology
  • Integrate the plant environmental physiology community and research opportunities within and outside ASPB
  • Support, train and liaise with young plant environmental physiologists
  • Work with other societies to promote the missions of Environmental and Ecological Plant Physiology

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Section Officers


Andrew Vanloocke, Chair, Rep to ASPB Council and Membership Committee
Jennifer Robison, Vice Chair, Rep to ASPB Council and Membership Committee
Emily Heaton, Secretary/Treasurer
Anna Locke, Outreach Officer

Advisory Board

Frank Dohleman
Carl Bernacchi
Lisa Ainsworth
David Hanson
Joy Ward
Stephanie Klein