The Open Forum is your space to create, connect, and get to know other members of the Plantae Community.

What's on your mind? The Open Forum is the place for you to share information, view resources, join topical networks, and connect with other members of the Community by starting a discussion, creating a collection, writing an article, commenting, and following other members. 


As a member of the Plantae Community, you can share resources in the Open Forum by using the "Create + button (located at the top right of this page). Remember to select the network and publish you post.

Our top three ideas for what to share:

  • Create a post about an opportunity, event, or other activities you’re involved with   
  • Ask a question to crowd-source plant science answers
  • Connect with the Plant Science Community by commenting on posts and following other members

Featured Collections

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Connect with Other Plant Scientists

Plantae is all about building your network. Tips for networking on Plantae:

  • Update your Profile - include your photo and information about your life as a plant scientist!
  • Follow other Plantae users.
  • Add Tags, click on tags to upvote, and follow tags across the site.