About this Network 

Welcome to the Plant Phenomics network - the online home for the global plant phenomics community and anyone interested in the emerging field of phenomics.

What is phenomics? In simple terms, phenomics is the science of systematically measuring where traits (qualitative and quantitative) interact with their environments. While efforts in plant improvement have greatly benefited from advances in genomics, studying the phenome (the result of the interaction between genes and the environment) of plants remains a major bottleneck. Recent improvements in sensors and imaging technologies, and data analysis are now making possible high-throughput studies of individual plant organs (root and shoot), whole plants, and plants in the field. 

The Plant Phenomics network is geared to update the community  about advances made in the fields of high-throughput data acquisition and analysis techniques. 

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About the Phenome Annual Meeting 

The fourth annual Phenome meeting (#Phenome2020) will be held February 24-27th, in Tucson, Arizona. This conference represents a multidisciplinary community comprising plant biologists, ecologists, engineers, agronomists, computational scientists, and representatives from U.S. federal agencies who come together in a rich and diverse networking environment to foster collaboration, innovation, and the initiation of multi-investigator and multi-institution projects.

Phenome 2020 will focus on the methodologies and technologies that enable study of the plant phenotype, and the resulting insights into complex plant-related biological systems. Phenome 2020 seeks to build on collaborations among biologists, engineers, computer scientists, and allies, and it will emphasize how we collect and organize data, how we process it, and how we use it to develop statistical and conceptual frameworks to understand biological complexity, from molecular to ecological scales.

Phenome 2020 will also serve as a platform to generate greater understanding about plants and climate change, bringing together preeminent international speakers.

We will be sharing news and notes from Phenome 2020 in this network. So stay tuned! 

Resource collections from past Phenome conferences are also located in this network: 

Important Dates

  • Feb
    Monday, February 24 at 8:00 AM - Thursday, February 27 at 5:00 PM EST