The Plant Proteostasis  network is an international forum for the scientific community working on the various pathways contributing to cellular proteostasis and is part of an ongoing effort to reinforce the development of the community in this important and relatively young scientific area.

The cellular proteome requires continued surveillance and modification to meet the dynamic needs of the cell. Responses to developmental and environmental cues, including numerous stresses, result in the remodelling of the protein landscape composed of structural and regulatory networks.

The network aims to bring together scientists who are at the forefront of research on the processes that enable the cell to meet the degradation demands of the proteome. 

- Ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like signalling

- Autophagy

- Proteasomal and vacuolar degradation

- Protein quality control

- Crosstalk between signalling pathways

The network will provide a unique opportunity for researchers in the field to present and discuss the latest developments, to create a better understanding of the role of plant proteostasis, thus also focussing efforts towards developing a sustainable agriculture.    

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