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Plant Summit 2019 Resources

We have created a Collection of Resources on the Plant Summit 2019: download slides and view video recordings.  

PSRN Collections & Reports 

RPT: Reinventing Postgraduate Training in the Plant SciencesIn this collection we share the PSRN's report, Reinventing Postgraduate Training in the Plant Sciences (or "RPT"). New! The report is also available online through Plant Direct.  

Scenarios: Imagining Science in 2035Scenarios are different than typical projections, in that they offer alternative stories about the future that are used collectively to develop strategies. Describing 20-year scenarios for plant science, Imagining Science in 2035 is intended to provide a broad-based, plant science-oriented resource for planning research, education and training activities.

NPSI: National Plant Systems InitiativeResearch and Training to Foster Breakthroughs in Agriculture, Food, Health, and the Environment. The intermingling of research, infrastructure, and training goals is deliberate, and contrasts with the common practice of generating recommendations for each of these elements in isolation.

PSCIPlant Systems Cyberinfrastructure InitiativeA 10-year strategic plan for cyber infrastructure needs for plant systems research, with goals to advance interdisciplinary training and broadening participation. 

EDI: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Plant Science 

SACNAS / ABRCMSFall 2018 PSRN / Plant Science Resources

Other PSRN networks on Plantae 

Big Data and Cyberinfrastructure:  The Big Data and Cyberinfrastructure (BDCI) network is designed to serve as a hub for the bioinformatic side of plant sciences. Do you use computers to address biological questions, or do you need help from someone who does? Then welcome - we invite you to Join the BDCI network!

Science Communication: The Science Communication network is home to an online community of science communicators. Here, we can share ideas, experiences, and feedback on our science communication and outreach efforts. Our ultimate goal is to develop stronger connections between plant researchers and the broader communities to which we belong.

Student Space: Find information, resources, and discussions focused on the needs and success of undergraduate and graduate students.