Welcome to the Science Communication network and AmpliComm!

The Science Communication network is home to an online community of science communicators. Here, we can share ideas, experiences, and feedback on our science communication and outreach efforts. Our ultimate goal is to develop stronger connections between plant researchers and the broader communities to which we belong.

AmpliComm provides free, online training to help you amplify science communication in your local communities and beyond. We provide tutorials, activities, and resources to help you develop critical communication skills. Our content is developed with graduate students and post-docs in mind, but will be accessible to undergrads, recent grads, and any plant scientist invested in engaging with broader communities. 

Science Communication Collections

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AmpliComm Topics

Some topics covered by the AmpliComm training program include understanding your audience, adapting your language, social media, print communication, and science communication for kids. Each of these topics will consist of a video lecture series, assignments to practice your new skills, discussion boards, and additional resources. Although many of us are plant scientists, the content for this program is developed in collaboration with experts from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. In doing so, the skills acquired in this program will be robust and broadly applicable for numerous career paths.

Stay tuned! 

We’re in the process of developing content for this program and will keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, check out this article to learn more about AmpliComm and join the discussion about science communication training and resources. Feel free to contact us for more information and with any questions or ideas you have about science communication. We’d love to hear from you!