Welcome to the Synthetic Biology network!

The purpose of this network is to share resources and opportunities with those interested in the topic of synthetic biology, particularly but not exclusively as it applies to plants. 

We are currently working a series of webinars and interviews with leaders and innovators. Dates will be announced in the near future. 

Save the Date: Plant Synthetic Biology 2019 will be held from August 7-9 in San Jose, CA. This is a conference presenting the emerging field of plant synthetic biology and it's supporting technologies, including work with photosynthetic prokaryotes as platforms as well as fabrication of plant metabolic pathways in non-photosynthetic microorganisms.

For a collection of related papers Plant Physiology created a Focus Issue on Synthetic Biology in 2019

Collections of resources about synthetic biology:


A series of interviews where we put questions to members of academia and industry about Plant Synthetic Biology ahead of the satelleite meeting.

Algae and Cyanobacteria

Single cellular photosynthetic organisms offer some advantages in terms of high-throughput, automated analysis and are explored as potential chasis for production of biofuels and high-value compounds.


Including molecular devices that sense stimuli and produce an output, derived from, or for use in plants.

News articles, Blogs and Videos

A collection of accessible articles and videos explaining aspects of plant synthetic biology

Cloning Systems

This collection includes advances in modular cloning systems with potential applications in plant synthetic biology.

Engineering Using Light

Sunlight provides the energy for life on earth. This collection includes research into how energy from photosynthesis can be harnessed to power synthetic pathways.

Gene Editing

Papers about the development of gene editing tools and applications for Synthetic Biology. Due to the importance of gene editing as an approach in Synthetic Biology relevant Biotechnology articles detailing improved enzyme performance are also included.

Metabolic Engineering

The ability of plants to generate a wide range of metabolites forms the basis of modern food and medical industries. This collection includes papers which go beyond conventional Biotechnology by utlizing principles or approaches from Synthetic Biology such as the design-build-test cycle, rational design, directed evolution, automation, modularity and orthogonality. 

Molecular Tools

This collection contains papers reporting tools for manipulating gene expression in plants. It also includes biotechnology papers that have potential application in synthetic biology.

Synbio Methods

A collection of papers detailing methods that have potential application in plant synthetic biology, ranging from protoplasting to directed evolution.