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Ever wondered what science will look like in 2035? Four scenarios for 2035, created by the @PlantSciResNet: 

Prepare your science for an unknown future: Imagining Science in 2035: Strategies from the @PlantSciResNet 

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Ever wonder what the future will look like? What factors will influence the way in which we do science in 2035? The Plant Science Research Network invites you to imagine four different possible future scenarios in a new document, Imagining Science in 2035: Strategies for Maximizing the Value and Impact of Plant Science, and Beyond. Read more: 


The Plant Science Research Network receives funding from National Science Foundation award #IOS-1514765 to the Boyce Thompson Institute. The workshop was hosted by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (September 21-22, 2016) and supported by the NSF's Biological Sciences Integrative Organismal Systems and Education & Human Resources (EHR) Division of Graduate Education (DGE).

Illustration was provided by Kristyn Stickley, Kristyn Stickley Illustrations. Facilitation was provided by Susan Stickley, Stratus, Inc.


Cover page: Imagining Science in 2035

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