Magdalena Julkowska of KAUST will be giving a talk at Phenome 2019. We asked her a few questions about her talk and the upcoming meeting:

1. What are you excited about learning at Phenome 2019? Why should your colleagues attend this session?

I am very excited to learn from the multidisciplinary community of the Phenome 2019 about the variety of phenotyping techniques, combining off-the-shelf sensors and electronics with the custom processing software, and modeling the environmental responses of plants. I am curious to learn about the diversity of the pipelines developed for different experimental setups, and what analytical pipelines can be developed to make those methods broadly accessible to the greater scientific community. 

2. What is the tentative title of your talk? Can you give a quick teaser for your talk?

In my talk, I will focus on developing the data analysis pipelines such as MVApp ( and sharing them with the broader community. I believe that this approach not only allows for more transparency in data processing, curation, and analysis but also enables other members of the community to perform the same kind of analysis on their own data within minutes without extensive expertise in statistics, programming or genetics. Tentative talk title: "MVApp - Lessons learned from streamlining data curation and analysis"

Don’t miss out this year! Registration is open for Phenome 2019, to be held on Feb. 6–9 in Tucson, AZ. For discussion and updates, join the Phenome 2019 network on Plantae and follow @PlantPhenomics and #Phenome2019 on Twitter.