Erin Sparks of the University of Delaware will be giving a talk at Phenome 2019. We asked her a few questions about her talk and the upcoming meeting:

1. What are you excited about learning at Phenome 2019? Why should your colleagues attend this session?

I'm super excited for the Technology Session. This is a unique aspect of Phenome where researchers are highlighting the latest and greatest tools they are developing.  This is where I come to learn about what's on the forefront and to get new ideas for my own research.

2. What is the tentative title of your talk? Can you give a quick teaser for your talk?

My talk title is:  Robotic phenotyping at the root-soil interface.  I'll be talking about our latest work to develop a ground-based phenotyping platform aimed phenotyping the root-soil interface.  My lab is specifically interested in the aerial roots of corn, called brace roots.  Although aboveground (making their phenotyping easier than belowground roots), these roots remain difficult to phenotype with limited platforms developed to assess information at the root-soil interface.  

Here's a picture of our latest robot prototype!

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