Sierra Young of the North Carolina State Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering will be giving a talk at Phenome 2019. We asked her a few questions about her talk and the upcoming meeting:

1. What are you excited about learning at Phenome 2019? Why should your colleagues attend this session?

This year I am particularly excited for Phenome because the conference is all single-track, and attendees won't have to choose between two interesting sessions. As someone who heavily attended technology and computing-focused sessions in the past, I can't wait to learn from presenters in biology, ecology, and other exciting topics related to phenomics. 

2. What is the tentative title of your talk? Can you give a quick teaser for your talk?

My talk, "Advancements and Challenges in Technology and Data Management Practices of Field-Based, High-Throughput Phenotyping", will focus on the progress made to-date in field-based HTP technologies and address remaining challenges related to collecting and managing high quality phenotypic data from field applications. 

Dr. Young will also be one of the leaders of the plant digital phenotyping workshopDon’t miss out this year! Registration is open for Phenome 2019, to be held Feb. 6–9 in Tucson, AZ. For discussion and updates, join the Phenome 2019 network on Plantae and follow @PlantPhenomics and #Phenome2019 on Twitter.