The field of genomics has been advancing rapidly since the last decade. Similarly, the field of phenomics has started picking up the pace this decade. The next question is how can these fields translate to greater societal benefit addressing the issues such as food security and environmental benefits. First step towards this goal is linking these two tools together.

Such an example is “The Genomes to Fields (G2F) Initiative- a publicly initiated and led research initiative to catalyze and coordinate research linking genomics and predictive phenomics to achieve advances that generate societal and environmental benefits”. Initial concept developed in 2013, this G2F initiative has several projects to support translation of maize genomic information building on publicly funded maize genome sequencing projects. These projects are developed to understand the function of maize genes and specific alleles across environments and utilize this information to enable accurate prediction of phenotypes in diverse environments. The overall goal of this initiative is to promote projects that advance integrated research and technologies, combine fields such as genetics, genomics, plant physiology, agronomy, climatology and crop modeling, with computation and informatics, statistics and engineering.

Attend "G2F GxE Collaborator's Meeting"- a full-day workshop at Phenome2019 which has several talks updating G2F projects.

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