At the Phenome meetings, we know that cutting-edge innovation doesn't just happen at the symposia-- our sponsors have lots of incredible phenotyping technology to share with you. Here we profile  Qubit PhenomicsCheck out Qubit Phenomics at Booth #18 in the exhibitor area! 

To help connect researchers with great phenotyping tools, we've asked our sponsors some questions:

1. Why are you excited about attending Phenome 2019? Why should your colleagues attend this meeting?

Phenome is the premier meeting in North America that focuses exclusively plant phenotyping. Not only are there world-class speakers, but industry representatives are in attendance to discuss and display the most recent innovations in plant phenotyping technology. 

2. What do you wish phenotyping researchers knew about your business or product? How does it improve phenotyping research?

Qubit Phenomics and Photon Systems Instruments are an alliance that provides scientific know-how and the latest technological innovations to the science of plant phenotyping.  Our staff comprises plant scientists involved in active plant phenotyping research at our own Plant Phenotyping Research Centre in the Czech Republic.  There, we invite visitors to use our conveyor-based and robotic PlantScreen systems for studies in our intelligent greenhouses, growth chambers and the field.  Our imaging systems, LED lighting systems and robotics are designed and built in-house to the most exacting standards, and we strive to improve precision and resolution continuously.  We build our own line of high resolution hyperspectral cameras, and were the first company to offer chlorophyll fluorescence imaging systems.  We also offer RGB imaging, LIDAR 3D imaging, unique RGB 3D scanning technology and a range of multispectral cameras, as well as inexpensive, non-imaging handheld devices.   

PlantScreen Conveyor-Based System
PlantScreen Conveyor-Based System


PlantScreen XYZ System
PlantScreen XYZ System

PlantScreen Scheduler software provides the user with full control of experimental protocols, batch selection and scheduling.  PlantScreen Analyser software provides automated image manipulation and data analysis.  Data base software collates all experimental and environmental data for multiple plants, individual plants or selected parts of plants.   Data are available for processing and display immediately after acquisition. 

3. If you will have some people on site, please introduce them! If they are giving talks, please let us know the talk title and which session.

Dr. Stephen Hunt, CEO of Qubit Systems, will be representing Photon Systems Instruments and Qubit at Booth #18.  Steve is a plant physiologist and Adjunct Professor at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

4. Anything else we should promote?

Yes.  Information about the PlantDitech phenotyping system will also be available at Booth #18.  This is a fully automated feedback irrigation system and multiple sensor platform that enables researchers to conduct simultaneous analyses of whole-plant response to various environmental conditions with functional trait measurements. The PlantDitech platform combined with Photon Systems’ Imaging technology provides synergistic monitoring of whole plant responses to stress and environmental change.  

The Phenome 2019 organizers thank Qubit for their support!