At the Phenome meetings, we know that cutting-edge innovation doesn't just happen at the symposia-- our sponsors have lots of incredible phenotyping technology to share with you.

Noble Research Institute is supporting the Phenome 2019 conference with travel awards because we believe strongly in the ability of phenotyping to solve pressing great challenges in agriculture and want to support scientists in this endeavor. 

This meeting is exciting for including the broad expertise of transdisciplinary scientists with focuses in biology, agriculture, computer science, statistics, and so on. Participants have a unique opportunity to see the latest technology, learn biological insights provided by phenotyping, and interact with possible collaborators and mentors.

Noble scientists are developing phenotyping tools from lab to field and shoots to roots to benefit not only breeding programs at Noble, but also the entire plant science community. Larry York, Anand Seethepalli, Marcus Griffiths, and Fuqi Liao will be representing Noble at Phenome 2019. Please feel free to say hello and ask about phenotyping at Noble Research Institute.

 The Phenome 2019 organizers thank The Noble Research Institute for their support!