Now that #Phenome2019 conference is little over a month away, why not start introducing ourselves and build strong networks.

Starting with me, I am Bishal and a postdoctoral researcher. I am interested in plant responses to abiotic stresses such as precipitation and temperature extremes and nutrient limitations. I employ techniques in physiology, molecular biology and bioinformatics to explore these questions. During my MS and Ph.D., I specifically focused on whole-plant submergence and drought (soil drying) responses in rice and soybean and nitrogen-use-efficiency in soft red winter wheat. Currently, I am developing a gravimetric phenotyping method to assess whole-plant canopy conductance response to different evaporative demands. Utilizing this phenotyping platform, I evaluated/am evaluating hundreds of germplasms (wild relatives, cultivated varieties, diversity panels, breeding populations etc.) of maize, wheat, soybean and barley.

What about you!!? We would love to learn about who you are, what career stage you are in, what are your research interests, what are you presenting during the conference and anything else you want us to know about yourself.

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