Afwa Thameur is a Research Scientist from the ministry of agriculture (IRESA) and Assistant Professor at the Higher Institute of Applied Biology in Medenine, Tunisia (ISBAM, University of Gabes). She worked over 5 years at the Regional Center of Agricultural Research in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. Her research focuses on plant ecophysiology with emphasis on abiotic stress and the interaction genotype-environment. Dr. Thameur was a Fulbright postdoctoral scholar at USDA-ARS in Texas and Mississippi in 2015. She has completed her Ph.D in Biology at the age of 30 years old from Tunis El Manar University and her postdoctoral studies from Szeged University, Hungary. Being a PhD student during 2007-2012 at the Institute of Arid Regions in Medenine, Tunisia, she was able to open avenues of collaboration with research teams in Spain and Portugal. Dr. Thameur is an experienced scientist in various areas of plant biology and acquired particular skills in plant physiology, biochemistry and biostatistics.  In 2017, she was awarded a research project grant from the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA). Later on, she became a fellow within the Arab Women Leaders in Agriculture Program (AWLA). She was awarded various conference grants, outreach-lecturing fund and was a panelist in scientific seminars. She has published more than five papers in reputed journals.

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