In 2014, I pursued a MSc in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation at Imperial College London which led me to work with Dr Anne Jungblut at the Natural History Museum, London. I developed techniques in NGS and bioinformatics to investigate the diversity of cyanobacteria in Antarctic lakes. After my MSc, I began an internship at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew working on the PAFTOL (Plant and Fungal Tree of Life) Project, which aims to produce sequencing data for one representative of all 14,000 flowering plant genera and all 8,200 fungal genera.

In October 2017, I commenced a PhD working with Jordi Paps and Ulrike Bechtold at the University of Essex, where I use comparative genomics to understand the major diversification of plant life. I am currently exploring how we can use genome data to investigate the evolution of stress responses in plants, specifically drought tolerance. 

Outside of my PhD studies, I run a blog where I discuss the science behind my research aimed at a non-specialist audience. I am also the city coordinator for Pint of Science Colchester, an outreach festival organised by postgraduate students held in pubs across the world. I am really excited to be joining the Plantae Fellows program and meeting the wider Plantae community.

Research Areas:
Evolution, Genomics, Abiotic Interactions

Volunteer Activities

  1. April to October 2014 - Wildlife garden of the Natural History Museum, London
  2. February to September 2017 - Science intern at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew working on the PAFTOL (Plant and Fungal Tree of Life) project
  3. November 2017 to present - Colchester city coordinator for Pint of Science, a not-for-profit annual science outreach festival
Current Affiliations
Experience & Education