Shwmae! I'm Alun, the person who keeps the Botany One website active and blogs there under my own name when there's no alternative. If you ever suffer from imposter syndrome then I can help. I have no qualifications in biology at all. I got into botany after working on Leicesters Interdisciplinary Science course while in Ancient History and Archaeology. There I started working with Alan Cann, a microbiologist. When Annals of Botany asked for his help setting up a blog, he asked for mine.

What I can do for you

I'm happy to help bloggers, or potential bloggers. Ill help with formatting if you want to guest blog at Botany One. and I'm also trying to find ways to independent bloggers. If you'd like to chat you can drop me a line here or at

I'm also happy to help with job or event ads. We don't do plain adverts at Botany One. So if you have a job in your lab you want to let people know about, wed like a post on what youre doing and then we hook the news you have an opening on at the end.

If you just have a PHP or WordPress query, I'm willing to chat about that too. I'm not keen on running your site for free, but I'm usually good for an answer to a problem - even if that answer is sometimes That's a tough one. I havent a clue, sorry.

What I cant do for you

Get your story in the papers. Sometimes I do press releases but my own success rate is hit n miss at the moment. I have no special contacts in the media.

Get you inside info on how to get your paper in Annals of Botany or AoB PLANTS. The blog is increasingly separate from the journals.

Fix problems on websites run by other people. It might sound strange, but people have held me responsible for sloppy scientific phrasing on news sites. No, they weren't about AoB stories either.

I live in Wales, so if you do have a very urgent issue, please remember I'm unlikely to be awake when its midday by the Pacific Ocean.

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