I am a Cotton researcher at  Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology, University of the Punjab and working in Plant Biotechnology lab under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Ali Shahid. My area of research focuses are Plant Molecular Biology, Genetic transformation and transgenic crops. I have worked as an internee in University of Adelaide, Australia, for six months and worked in a collaborative project of Chia seed characterization. I joined ASPB as an ambassador in 2018.I love to spend my free time in reading articles, gardening and art work. I am fond of travelling and love to explore the hidden sights of nature. 

Institution/Company: University of the Punjab

Career Status:
Research Assistant

Research Areas:
Applied Plant Biology, Molecular Biology


1.  Yaqoob A, Shahid AA*, Salisu IB, Shakoor S, Usman M, Shad M, Rao AQ. Comparative analysis of Constitutive and fiber-specific promoters under the expression pattern of Expansin gene in transgenic Cotton. PLoS ONE 15 (3): e0230519. pone.0230519. 2020 

2.       Salisu IB, Shahid AA, Yaqoob A, Olawale SA, Amin AB, Sunusi M. Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms Through Genomics Approaches.

3. Yaqoob A*, Shahid AA, Imran A, Sadaqat S, Liaqat A, Rao AQ. Dual functions of Expansin in cell wall extension and compression during cotton fiber development. Biologia 2020.

4. Yaqoob A, Shahid AA, Salisu IB*, Ahmad M, Azam S and Rao AQ. Effects of Cry toxins on non-target soil bacteria during a 2-years follow up study. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research. (17)2e0303. 2019

5. Yaqoob A, Shahid AA*, Samiullah TR, Rao AQ, Khan MAU, Tahir S, et al. Risk assessment of Bt crops on the non‐target plant‐associated insects and soil organisms. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. 2016. 96:2613-2619. DOI10.1002/jsfa.7661

Volunteer Activities

ECR to ASPB publications committee

Secretary ASPB Ambassadors program

Mentor at planting Science community (ASPB)

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