Crispin Taylor is ASPB’s Chief Executive Officer. He began his career in non-profits as news and reviews editor at The Plant Cell, becoming managing editor of the journal two years later. After four years at ASPB, Taylor moved to AAAS, where he worked to expand a career-focused resource called Science’s Next Wave that has since been subsumed into Science Careers. In 2004, Taylor moved back to ASPB and his current position. In this capacity, he has become active in the scholarly publishing arena, serving on the Scholarly Publishing Roundtable that was convened in 2009 by the U.S. House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee ( He remains committed to providing robust professional development information and skills to scientists, particularly those near the beginnings of their career; and he has embraced partnerships with many other organizations and networks to help further ASPB’s objectives in this and other areas. 

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