I am a plant scientist with a passion for science communication and all things outreach related! I strongly believe that our knowledge and understanding of our natural environment should be accessible to all. How can we expect people to care enough about 'saving the planet' when they are so disconnected from it in the first place. An informed insight into our Earth system could go a long way in achieving future conservation measures and scientific advancement.

Some of my recent rambles can be found here:

A short introduction to Robin Hoods favourite hideout! 

Research Areas:
Environmental Plant Biology, Physiology, Education and Outreach, Food Security, Signals and Responses

Volunteer Activities

  • Communications Officer - Nottingham Environmental Physiology Hub (March 2018 - Present) 
  • President - Sutton Bonington Farmers' Market (May 2018 - Present) 
  • Stall Holder (outreach) - Science in the Park - British Science Association (March 2017)
  • Public Relations Officer - Sutton Bonington Farmers' Market (May 2017 - 2018)
  • Primary Photographer - Pint of Science - Nottingham (April - May 2018)
  • Assistant - Science in the Park - British Science Association (March 2015)

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education