I began my botany career at the tip of Africa while majoring in Botany at the University of Cape Town. I was given a chance to study the world-renowned fynbos during this time. At the end of my freshman year, I was given the chance to work with Dr. William Bond, a well-known plant ecologist at the University of Cape Town. We investigated whether fire intensity caused more plant regrowth in keystone Protea species in the fynbos. Given that natural fires frequented this Mediterranean region during the dry summer months, and that Proteas were important to the flower market in Europe, this project had important practical monetary value. After this experience, I was convinced that botanists lived very cool, artistic lives independent of the hustle and bustle of business and politics. So, I chose to pursue Honors and  Master of Science degrees in Botany. This exposed me to various cultures while I traveled around South Africa assisting others with field projects and embarking on a project of my own in commercial forestry near the Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa.

Afterward, I was privileged to come to the USA to study at the University of Kansas where I pursued a doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I had the privilege to accompany my mentor, Valery Terwilliger, to Barro Colorado Island in Panama, and to hike Wheeler Peak in Nevada, while assisting others with field work. Thereafter, I pursued a postdoctoral research experience with well-known ecosystems ecologist, Dave Evans, at the University of Arkansas while working on a team project at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada.  I started my teaching career at Hope College in 2001 and served as a faculty member for eight years. During this time, I connected with well-known biochemists at the Plant Research Lab and the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department at Michigan State University. I was given the opportunity to work on a Chloroplast 2010 project with Dr. Tom Sharkey at Michigan State University in the summer of 2008. Then the recession hit! After struggling to find another tenure track position, and not willing to move my family frequently for short-term contract teaching positions across the country, I stayed in Holland to raise our daughters. My husband did factory work to pay the bills while I stayed at home to raise the kids.  I continued to perform experiments using a microscope and read the scientific literature. Our daughters grew into bold teenagers, and a decade passed without noticing it. In 2019, with a federal loan granted by the Department of Education, I enrolled in a Master of Science in Health Analytics program at Northwestern University, I am currently gaining skills in database design and management, statistics, and analytics in the health care industry. This summer, I am working on writing a book to help non-scientists understand how the scientific process is implemented, and why we should continue to invest taxpayer’s dollars to fund basic and applied scientific research in all fields. I hope to work as an analyst for a government agency once I graduate with my Master of Science degree in Health Analytics.

Institution/Company: Previous faculty member at Hope College

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Graduate Student

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Volunteer Activities

2004-2005: Career choices panellist (University of Notre Dame)

2006:  Career choices panellist (Michigan State University)

2008: Reviewer of Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships for American Society of Plant Biologists.

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