Teaching Plant Sciences to the undergraduate students in the University of Delhi for more than 15 years. Having keen interests in teaching Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology and Environmental Sciences.

Research Areas:
Applied Plant Biology, Botany, Environmental Plant Biology, Genetics, Growth Regulation, Molecular Biology, Physiology


Published research papers on hormonal and phtoperiodic modulation of growth and flowering in lentils. And also on phylogenetic relationships among wild and cultivated species of lentils from my PhD works. 

Recently published papers on Higher plants functioning as indicators and scavengers of air pollution in metropolitan cities. 

Volunteer Activities

Volunteering to teach Foundation in Science and Technology to non science background undergraduate students of Open University (IGNOU) every Sunday. Counseling these students to clear their doubts and superstition prevailing in societies and helping them to develop scientific temperament. 

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education