Name                                                     :               Dr EDNA ANTONY

Father’s Name                                     :               Late Prof ANTONY GEORGE

Permanent address                              :               #3 Sangolli Rayanna Nagar,

Bharidevarkoppa, Hubli


Office address                                      :               Senior Scientist

                                                                                Indian Grass land and Fodder Research Institute

                                                Southern Regional Research Station

                                                                                P.B Road



                                                                                Phone:+91-836-2447150,Fax:+91 8362743459


Awards/Scholarships          :

Commonwealth Academic fellowship

 Commonwealth fellowship for Ph.D

UAS Dharwad Gold Medal for MSc.

ICAR Junior Research Fellowship during M.Sc

Senior Research Fellowship for Ph.D.(but discontinued)

Qualified National Eligibility Test by ICAR, New Delhi.

National scholarship during Pre-degree.

Professional experience

Name of the post



Nature of Job

Reason for leaving

Senior Scientist

Indian Council Of Agricultural research

15-06-2009-till date

Contemplating research projects, its formulation and execution both at field and laboratory level with emphasis on abiotic stress tolerance in fodder crops




Indian Council Of Agricultural research

26.12.1997 14-06-2009

Contemplating research projects, its formulation and execution both at field and laboratory level with emphasis on soil plant water relationship

Moved to next level through selection

Graduate student

Tamil Nadu Agricultural university

August 1996 to December 1997


Completed 1 year of PhD  course work with ICAR senior research fellowship

Discontinued  to join ICAR as scientist

Assistant Project manager

Kerala Horticultural Developmental project

06-06-1996 to 01-08-1996

Seed physiological studies for seed processing units

 Discontinued the job for higher studies.

Junior merit Associate

UAS  Dharwad

27.04.1995 to 26.04.1996

Teaching Plant Physiology at Under graduate level in Agricultural University


Contract ended

MS.c(Plant Physiology)

UAS Dharwad

December 1992 to March 1995

Completed MSc. in Plant Physiology with ICAR Junior Research fellowship

Completed the course

Junior soil conservation officer

Soil and water conservation department, Govt of Kerala

1.06.1992 to 26.11.1992

Conducting primary level research work on soil plant interaction with emphasis on impact of plants on soil conservation.


Contract ended 

Research Areas:
Abiotic Interactions, Ecophysiology, Gene Regulation, Physiology, Signals and Responses


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Volunteer Activities

  • volunteering for teaching  graduate students at UAS Dharwad 
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