Research Areas:
Applied Plant Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology


E. Dell’Aglio, S. Boycheva, T. Fitzpatrick, The pseudoenzyme PDX1.2 sustains vitamin B6 biosynthesis as a function of heat stress. Plant Physiology, in press.

E. Dell’Aglio, D. Salvi, A. Kraut, M. Baudet, D. Macherel, M. Neveu, M. Ferro, G. Curien, N. Rolland, No plastidial calmodulin-like proteins detected by two targeted mass-spectrometry approaches and GFP fusion proteins, New Negatives in Plant Science, 3–4 (2016) 19-26.

E. Dell'Aglio, C. Giustini, D. Salvi, S. Brugiere, F. Delpierre, L. Moyet, M. Baudet, D. Seigneurin-Berny, M. Matringe, M. Ferro, N. Rolland, G. Curien, Complementary biochemical approaches applied to the identification of plastidial calmodulin-binding proteins, Molecular BioSystems, 9 (2013) 1234-1248.

V. Volpe*, E. Dell'Aglio*, P. Bonfante, The Lotus japonicus MAMI gene links root development, arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and phosphate availability, Plant Signaling & Behavior, 8 (2013) e23414. *equal contribution.

V. Volpe, E. Dell'Aglio, M. Giovannetti, C. Ruberti, A. Costa, A. Genre, M. Guether, P. Bonfante, An AM-induced, MYB-family gene of Lotus japonicus (LjMAMI) affects root growth in an AM-independent manner, The Plant Journal, 73 (2013) 442-455.

Volunteer Activities

Two months internship at the editorial board of LeScience (Italian version of Scientific American). Collaboration with the journal for short news, long articles and translations.

Collaboration with online blogs (AIRInforma, Ventiblog).

Organization of science-related events as a volunteer:
- Collaboration with LS2 (Life Science Switzerland) for the Forum Planète-Santé (4-7 October 2016)
- Collaboration with Geneva UniEmploi for the organization of the 2017 MyScienceCareerDays.

Current Affiliations
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