Research Areas:
Physiology, Metabolism, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Abiotic Interactions


Hantzis L*, Kroh GE*, Jahn C, Cantrell M, Peers G, Pilon M, Ravet K. 2018. A program for iron economy during deficiency in Arabidopsis rosettes targets specific Fe proteins. Plant Physiology 176: 596-610. 10.1104/pp.17.01497

*these authors contributed equally

Volunteer Activities

2018 -- Northern Colorado Expanding Your Horizons Conference Panelist: Educate parents of middle school girls on the experiences of women in STEM

2017 -- Colorado State University Agriculture Day plant pathology booth: Educate middle school students on plant pathology

2016-- Shepardson Elementary STEM night plant biology outreach booths: plant diversity,       photosynthesis, pathology

2015-2017 --Planting Science Mentor: collaborate with elementary- college aged students to design and   implement a plant biology experiment

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