Working at the intersection between ecophysiology and evolution, especially interested in:

  • CAM
  • Succulence
  • Stomata
  • Plant hydraulics
  • Epiphytes
  • Geophytes

... and spreading the word about all things green in my spare time!

Research Areas:
Botany, Ecology, Ecophysiology, Education and Outreach, Physiology


Succulent plants- Griffiths & Males 2017, Current Biology

Specialised stomatal humidity responses underpin ecological diversity in C3 bromeliads- Males & Griffiths 2017, Plant Cell & Environment

Hydraulics link leaf shape and environmental niche in terrestrial bromeliads- Males 2017, Biotropica

Functional types in the Bromeliaceae: relationships with drought-resistance traits and bioclimatic distributions- Males & Griffiths 2017, Functional Ecology

Economic and hydraulic divergences underpin ecological differentiation in the Bromeliaceae- Males & Griffiths 2017, Plant, Cell & Environment

Secrets of Succulence- Males 2017, Journal of Experimental Botany

Stomatal biology of CAM plants- Males & Griffiths 2017, Plant Physiology

Think tank: water relations of Bromeliaceae in their evolutionary context- Males 2016, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society

Eddy covariance captures four-phase crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) gas exchange signature in Agave- Owen et al. 2016, Plant, Cell & Environment

Volunteer Activities

  • Cambridge Science Festival
  • Cambridge Festival of Ideas
  • Fascination of Plants Day
  • Student mentoring
  • Garden guiding
  • Practical plant/habitat conservation
Current Affiliations
Experience & Education