In the fall of 2018 I started as a visiting assistant professor at Manchester University. I am also writing my PhD dissertation on the CBF cold pathway in soybean (Glycine max) at IUPUI with Dr. Stephen Randall. I have a masters degree from the University of Delaware where I studied temperature and light impacts on photosystem II in zooxanthellae (Symbiodinium spp.). 

I tweet a lot about plant science, science communication, and being a single Mom PhD so follow me on Twitter (@OshnGirl)! Currently I am serving as the Publications Manager for the Midwest section, if anyone has any material to contribute please message me!

Research Areas:
Abiotic Interactions, Biochemistry, Ecophysiology, Environmental Plant Biology, Gene Regulation, Physiology


Robison, J. D., N. Aurora, Y. Yamasaki, M. Saito, J. Boone, B. Blacklock, S. Randall, 2017. Cold Acclimation Potentials of Glycine max and Glycine soja. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 203:553-561.

Robison, J. D., M. E. Warner, 2006. “Differential impacts of photoacclimation and thermal stress on the photobiology of four different phylotypes of Symbiodinium (Pyrrhophyta).” Journal of Phycology, 42:568-569.

Warner, M. E., T. C. LaJeunesse, J. D. Robison, R. M. Thur, 2006. “The ecological distribution and comparative photobiology of symbiotic dinoflagellates from reef corals in Belize: Potential implications for coral bleaching.” Limnology and Oceanography, 51:1887-1897.

Volunteer Activities

Scientist Liaison/Mentor for “PlantingScience” Mentored middle, high school, and undergraduate students who were engaging in inquiry based plant sciences. Mentor 12 groups and Liaison 3 classroom. September 2016 to present.

Scientist Penpal for “Letters to a Pre-Scientist” Two penpals from December 2016 to present.  

“Social Media for Scientists” Invited Panelist Member, discussions on how to effectively utilize social media as scientists to engage the public, Indiana State Museum, March 18, 2017.

“Exploring Plants” hands on demos at Celebrate Science Indiana, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN. First Saturday in October 2014 – 2017.

“Cell-fie Science” YouTube channel consisting of brief self-produced videos about various plant biology topics. Launched August, 2016:

“Leaf Anatomy” hands on demo and activity booklet in Mr. Stephen Locke’s 2nd grade class at Arthur C Newby Elementary School, Speedway, IN. May 4, 2016.

 “#TeamAutotroph Commandeers @RealScientists” host of rotating Twitter account @RealScientists on plant stress biology. February 27 – March 5, 2016. Transcript:

 “Jen Talks Plants” host of rotating Twitter account @Biotweeps on various aspects of plant stress biology. October 19 – 24, 2015. Transcript:

 “Plant Biology: A Behind the Scenes” 5 part video series for Mr. Stephen Locke’s 2nd grade class at Arthur C Newby Elementary School, Speedway, IN. January – February, 2015.

“Breathing Plants: Discovering Stomata” hands on demo in Mr. Stephen Locke’s 2nd grade class at Arthur C Newby Elementary School, Speedway, IN. February 6, 2015.

“Warner’s Wonderful World of Coral Reefs” hands on demo and activity booklet at Coast Day, University of Delaware, Lewes, DE. First Sunday in October 2003 – 2006.

Current Affiliations
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