I'm a plant nerd with an interest in how plant communities and ranges are and will change during climate change.  I plan to applying to PhD programs this fall, but I'm not sure yet whether I want to focus most on observational ecological work, experimental plantings, or gaining insight from landscape changes during past climate and/or cataclysmic events.

In the mean time I am a volunteer in the WTU Herbarium at the University of Washington (a lot of georeferencing work these days) and transcribe the podcasts The Taproot (from Plantae) and Warm Regards (stories from the front lines of climate change).  I also help a bit with research into a mysterious die-off of sword ferns in the Puget Sound area. 

My collection of native plants has made my porch almost impassible.  

Volunteer Activities

WTU Herbarium at the University of Washington 

Transcription of podcasts including The Taproot, Warm Regards, and The Field Guides

Research into the sword fern (Polystichum munitum) die-off phenomenon in the Puget Sound lowland forests

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education