Born and raised between the Andes and Amazon, Katharhy challenged his indigenous social history. He earned the first higher education degree and pioneered a carrier path in the STEM field in his native nation. He co-founded the Andes Youth Development Program in indigenous communities of Ecuador, and his active leadership role earned him the Youth Ambassador Fellowship in the U.S., 2008. Science and research interests took Katharhy to study and collaborate in various research teams in Israel, the U.S., Brazil, and Colombia. Katharhy has received local and international recognition for his work in environmental remediation, environmental monitoring, agriculture education and engagement, native-land cartography, and agroecosystem investigation (i.e., Environment and Agriculture Laboratory, UFRB, Salvador, Brazil, Cotacachi Indigenous Council, Ecuador, the United States Embassy, Quito, Ecuador, among others). He holds two bachelors’ degrees, one in science from Brooklyn College and the other in arts from ITCA, Ecuador. He is pursuing a Master of Science degree at Lehman College. Currently, Katharhy is an adjunct faculty at Brooklyn College, co-principal investigator, Carbon Sequestration Project, at Advanced Science Research Center, urban agriculture entrepreneur technician at Cornell Small Farms Programs, B2P, and president of K’allam’p Inc.

Career Status:
Graduate Student

Research Areas:
Environmental Plant Biology, Food Security, Applied Plant Biology, Botany, Education and Outreach, Ecology, Genetics, Computational Biology

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education