I am plant biologist with orientation towards plant molecular biology, autophagy and agriculture biotechnology. I believe-"Future will be full of challenges for food and fuel; understanding plants is the only key".  I was PhD fellow (DBT fellowship) in group of Dr. Ajay K Pandey at National Agri-food Biotechnology Institute, India; later joined Stephan Wenkel Lab, Copenhagen Plant Science Centre, Copenhagen. Currently in 2nd postdoc experience, I am part of Prof. Henri Batoko Lab at Louvain Institute of Biomolecular scienceUCLouvain, Belgium.  I have worked in different areas for ex. Iron-phosphate homeostasis in wheat (PhD), microProtein regulated plant development (Postdoc-1) and at present (Postdoc-2) I am on quest to understand the in-depth interactome of plant TSPO protein and membrane tethering dynamics during autophagy induction (as a part of recent mobility grant I received). Along with life in science, I enjoy Yoga, cooking and long walks in nature trails.

I am working as Plantae Fellow and Scientist Mentor at PlantingScience (For year 2019), USA. I am open for productive collaborations for research/teaching in plant molecular and cell biology, popularization of effective policies for better practices in plant science and advocacy of genetic engineering for improved future crops. You can connect with me following the social media icons on my profile (Top right). Let's net"work" and "work".

Research Areas:
Gene Regulation, Abiotic Interactions, Cell Biology, Development


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