I currently lead a Research Platform working to deliver Yield Traits in Biotechnology R&D at Monsanto. We discover, test, validate & develop technology that will deliver a step-change performance and sustainability solution to our farmer customers. Prior to Monsanto, I worked as a post-doc in the DOE funded Center for Applied Biofuel Systems at the Donald Danforth Plant Science center to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis for algal bio-fuel application. My graduate work at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in Lisa Ainsworth's lab utilized the Soy FACE facility to uncover the role antioxidant metabolism plays in the whole-plant response to future climate change variables of elevated [CO2] & elevated [O3].

Research Areas:
Abiotic Interactions, Applied Plant Biology, Ecophysiology, Environmental Plant Biology, Phenomics, Physiology

Current Affiliations
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