I have worked in phytochemistry, plant histology, and experimental pharmacology, because i enjoy integrating this perspectives as the knowledge about metabolites, localization in plant tissues and applications in mouse models. I take pleasure learning about plants, their defense mechanisms, development and capability of recognition and perception. 

I´m a Biologist and MSc in Pharmaceutical sciences from the National University of Colombia, my principal areas of interest are: Botany, plant histology, phytochemistry, chemical ecology, evolution and ecology, and scientific divulgation. 

Research Areas:
Applied Plant Biology, Botany


Divulgative text: Alcaloides pirrolizidinicos, Semioquimicos por excelencia/ Pyrrolyzidine alkaloids, Semiochemicals by excellence (7-12)


Article in press: 

Mejía‐Agudelo LA, Rojas MA, Guerrero‐Pabón MF, Ramos FA, Castellanos L, Marín‐Loaiza JC. Antidepressant‐like effects of methanol extract and fractions of Hypericum juniperinum Kunth in the forced swimming test. Phcog Mag 2018;XX:XX-XX.

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education