I graduated in biochemistry, with a long-term dream to pursue my research career in plant sciences. I continued to study biochemistry, having fascinated by biochemical roles of molecules functioning at the cellular and molecular level, in my bachelors and master courses to understand the molecular complexities involved in development of prokaryotes and eukaryotes. My master thesis, focusing on abscission specific and ethylene responsive role of promoter of RbCP1 gene causing petal abscission in rose flower, has triggered my interest in plant molecular biology. Stimulated by deep interest in plants, I sought scientific answers in plant stress adaptation in abiotic environments, particularly uncovering the physiology of high temperature stress, and the improvement of genetics for tolerance in a recipient susceptible to submergence stress, after introgression with Sub1 QTL from a tolerant donor, in rice. In my overall research experience, I have focused on the molecular and genetic mechanisms regulating plant development, with vivid understanding of plant physiology under abiotic stress. 

Thus, by bringing my experience in plant biology, I would like to bridge my knowledge with emerging challenges in any plant science fields. I look forward for new opportunities like research positions, PhD positions, and new collaborations with plant science researchers. 

Career Status:
PUI: Post-Tenure

Research Areas:
Biochemistry, Bioenergetics, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genomics


  1. Introgression of submergence tolerance into CO 43, a popular rice variety of India, through marker-assisted backcross breeding. Rahman H., Dakshinamurthi V., Ramasamy S., Manickam S., Kaliyaperumal A.K., Raha S., Panneerselvam N*., Ramanathan V., Nallathambi J., Sabariappan R., Raveendran. M Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed (2018).

Volunteer Activities

  1. October 2019. Organiser and committee member of CORTEVATM - funded “2nd Plant Science symposium” to be held in October 2019 at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines.
  2. January 26, 2018 to present. Assistant secretary (2018) and organising committee member (2019) of SNEHA (association of Indians and Indian origin people working at IRRI and University of Philippines in Los Baños, Philippines), for organising various Indian cultural events.
Current Affiliations
Experience & Education