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Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Areas:
Computational Biology, Education and Outreach, Gene Regulation, Metabolism, Systems Biology


Dale, R., Kato, N., Wischusen, E. (2020) Four assessment methods to measure student gains in a graduate course on mathematical modeling in cell biology. Letters in Biomathematics. 

Renee Dale, Yuki Ohmuro-Matsuyama, Hiroshi Ueda, and Naohiro Kato. Non-Steady State Analysis of Enzyme Kinetics in Real Time Elucidates Substrate Association and Dissociation Rates: Demonstration with Analysis of Firefly Luciferase Mutants. Biochemistry 2019 58 (23), 2695-2702
DOI: 10.1021/acs.biochem.9b00272

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