I am Sabrina M Elias, currently doing my Ph.D. study in Plant genomics, phenomics and bioinformatics. My Ph.D. is a collaboration between four institutes, i.e University of Dhaka, University of Nebraska Lincoln, the University of Texas at Austin and International Rice Research Institute funded by Monsanto's Beachelle Borlaug International Scholar Program (MBBISP), round 5. My undergrad major was on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My work is on a salt-tolerant rice landrace named Horkuch with the aim to decipher its tolerance mechanism using genomics, transcriptomics and phenomics approach. Horkuch was crossed with IR29, a high yielding variety and the resulting filial generations were studied for identification of loci associated with salt tolerance and yield. A part of the study has been published in the scientific report, where differentially expressed genes under salt stress in the reproductive stage of rice has been discussed. I am working on the other manuscripts for publication which includes identification of expression QTLs and phenomics of the population. Before starting the Ph.D., I got an opportunity to work on the genome project for a fiber crop named Jute. I have also worked with the genetic diversity of rice in Bangladesh, membrane transporters and regulatory genes responsible for salt tolerance. I have always tried to put emphasis on application-oriented research.   As a hobby, I love sketching, reading, singing and writing. 

Research Areas:
Molecular Biology, Genomics, Biochemistry, Abiotic Interactions

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