My interest in plant biotechnology research was strengthened after I attended a six weeks summer training program during my Masters (in Biotechnology) at CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI, India). I had developed a plant transformation construct containing the cholera toxin gene that was supposed to be tested in edible fruits. Unfortunately, this work could not progress but this experience definitely instilled a researcher in me. After MSc, the obvious choice for me was CSIR-NBRI and I joined the same lab for my Ph.D. The major goal of the lab was to understand the ripening of fruits at the molecular level and then to explore the possibility to extend the shelf life of fruits by genetic manipulations. During my Ph.D., I identified and characterized several ripening related genes from banana fruit, and few of these genes were novel as these were never shown to be related with ripening in any of the fruit. After that, I had a short stint at CCMB (India) as a Postdoc where I extensively worked on protein purification and their biophysical characterization from bacterial source but my love for plant science could not suppress and I decided to pursue the work of my interest (plant science). I moved to CIMAP, India, where I worked on important medicinal plants and I isolated and characterized several CYP450s from Withania somnifera and acyltransferases from Artemisia annua. After completing my tenure, I got Blaustein Postdoc Fellowship and I moved to French Associates Institute for Agriculture and Biotechnology of Drylands (BIDR, BGU, Israel) to ' Elucidate ‘Novel role of aldehyde oxidases (AOs)’. We showed that AAO4 from Arabidopsis participate in aldehyde detoxification, a phenomenon not demonstrated for AOs in plants or animals so far. Other roles of AOs are being investigated in modulating senescence and the developmental stages.  

Research Areas:
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Gene Regulation


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