Hi, I am Sunita Pathak. Currently I am a Research Associate in Donald Danforth Plant Science center.

My research project involves in rewiring native hormonal signaling pathways in a common grass Setaria viridis to sense and response threats in the environment using the synthetic ligand-receptor module.

Before joining DDPSC, I was working at Boyce Thompson Institute as research assistant. My work involved in generation of CRISPR/Cas9 edited Medicago truncatula for various candidate genes involved in plant-mycorrhizal symbiosis.

I have completed my master's at South Dakota State University.

My thesis work involved in identification of nodule tissue-specific gene expression during soybean-rhizobia interaction.

Career Status:
Research Assistant

Research Areas:
Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology, Genomics

Volunteer Activities

Volunteered in 

ASPB, Midwestern section annual meeting, SDSU, Brookings, 2015

Planting Party, University city children's center, 6646 Vernon Ave, St.Louis, MO, 2019

STEM Education, Danforth Elementary School, 1134 St Cyr Rd, St. Louis, MO, 2019

Raspberry pi jam, Donald Danforth Plant science center, 975N Warson Rd, St.Louis, MO, 2020

Current Affiliations
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