Myself Suphia, I have been interested in Plant Science from the beginning. I did my Masters in Botany and also completed my M.Phil in Botany with a dissertation on “Rooting in relation to Hormones and Vitamins in triticales”. Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. India. My main area of research is on ‘Abiotic stress and Photosynthesis’. Presently, I am working as WoS-A  in the Department of Biotechnology, Hamdard University, New Delhi. India. My research interest is to study the abiotic stresses and tolerant mechanism of various crop plants through ‘Omics approach’.

Research Areas:
Physiology, Metabolism, Abiotic Interactions, Molecular Biology, Botany, Systems Biology, Applied Plant Biology


Published Research Articles

Photosynthetic acclimation to elevated CO2 in relation to leaf carbohydrate constituents in wheat and sunflower (2001). MC Ghildiyal, Suphia Rafique and Poonam Sharma Natu. Photosynthetica 36: 447- 452.

Changes in rubisco content in relation to saccharides accumulation in wheat leaves during the day (2001) Suphia Rafique, Poonam Sharma-Natu and M C Ghildiyal. Indian J of Experimental Biology. Vol39, Nov 2001, pp 1191-1193.

Response of maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes to excess moisture stress: morpho-    physiological effects and basis of tolerance (2003) Zaidi, P.H.; Rafique, S. and  Singh, N.N. Euro. J. Agronomy. 19 :383-399.

Tolerance to excess moisture in maize (Zea mays L.): Susceptible crop stages and identification of tolerant genotypes (2004) Zaidi, P.H.; Rafique, S.; Rai, P.K; Singh, N.N. and Srinivasan, G. Field Crop Res.,90:189-202.

Physio- Breeding Approach for excess soil moisture tolerance in Maize (Zea      mays L, 2002.): Progress and Prospects.  Pervez H. Zaidi, S. Rafique, N.N. singh     and G. srinivasan  Proceeding of 8th  Asian Regional Maize Workshop, Bankok  Thailand: August 5-8, 2002. HTML//

Abstract / Papers presented in Seminar/Symposia:

Inter Drought-V (21st February to 25th, 2017)  attended and poster presentation (IDT9-065) “A system biology approach to elucidate the network of proteins involved in NO-3 signaling and transport under multiple abiotic stresses in shoot and root of maize genotype (Zea mays L.)” Rafique S and Abdin M Z.

National conference on Biotechnology and Environment (10-11 April 2017) Oral presentation. “Interaction study and proteomics analysis of maize inbred genotypes tolerant to multiple stresses”. Suphia Rafique and M Z Abdin.

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