I'm in the fourth year of my PhD program in Plant Biology at Penn State University in the Lasky lab. My work has involved herbarium records, modeling, and growing various Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes. I also am working with a collection of teak provenances to investigate questions about domestication, climate adaptation, trait variation, population structure, and ontogeny. 
My undergraduate degree was in Applied Biotechnology and Genetics from the University of Georgia where I did research on intron loss in anagronomically important auxin transport gene in grasses.

Research Areas:
Abiotic Interactions, Environmental Plant Biology, Genetics


Parvathanenei, R. K., DeLeo, V. L., Spiekerman, J. J., Chakraborty, D., & Devos, K. M. (2017) Parallel loss of introns in the ABCB1 gene in angiosperms. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 17:238

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