I am a postdoctoral plant physiologist in the Sydney Institute of Agriculture at the University of Sydney. My current research focusses on optimising whole plant photosynthetic performance in wheat using novel and innovative plant phenotyping techniques. A major part of this work is the development of new high throughput instruments to rapidly screen for leaf level photosynthesis and light distribution through the canopy. This project is funded by the International Wheat Yield Partnership and the Grains Research and Development Council. I am also involved in a number of other projects as part of the Buckley Lab here in Sydney, including the development of new gas exchange systems and novel methods to assess the sap flow dynamics of Eucalypts.

I grew up in St Andrews on the east coast of Scotland and in 2011 completed my Honours degree in Ecological Science at the University of Edinburgh. I then moved to the University of Sydney to complete my PhD entitled “Growing in Australia: plant strategies to survive intense solar radiation and soils lacking in phosphorus” under the supervision of Professor Mark Adams and Dr Tarryn Turnbull.

Research Areas:
Abiotic Interactions, Ecology, Ecophysiology, Phenomics, Physiology

Current Affiliations
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