My research focus on the key fundamental research questions on cell polarity establishment, cell fate differentiation, and cell growth and expansion in asymmetric cell division (ACD). These topics involve protein trafficking, protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation, signaling transduction and cytoskeleton organization in plant cells. I have great expertise in genetics, cell biology, and developmental biology.

Being trained in plant cell biology field for almost 10 years, I'v been working with different plant organs and tissues, including root hairs, embryos and cotyledons, ranging from single-cellular to multi-cellular systems. 

Research Areas:
Development, Genetics, Signals and Responses


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Volunteer Activities

1. Lab manager : in charge of ordering, maintaining connections with Sales Reps, initiating business with new vendors, communicating with facility people, daily lab management

2. Managing assistant of Confocal Core Facility: providing technical support and call technical service at the absence of manager

Current Affiliations
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