A highly skilled and aspiring scientist in plant genetics, quantitative genetics & statistical genomics with an outstanding academic background, a proven track record of publications, and conference presentations as well as extensive research experience conducted at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and IRRI, Philippines that focus on molecular genetics, drought physiology, and statistical genomics. I am working a research scientist position where I can use my excellent molecular plant genetics, quantitative genetics, drought physiology, & statistical genomics research and teamwork skills. My long-term interests are in molecular plant genetics, genomics data analysis, & statistical genomics research. 

Research Areas:
Phenomics, Genetics, Genomics


Honor & Awards:

  1. 1st place in peer reviewed postdoctoral poster competition in 5th Annual Meeting Arkansas Bioinformatics Consortium (ARBIC) 2019 for “Bioinformatics in Food and Agriculture”, Little Rock, AR, USA.  
  2. Graduate School Travel award for PAG XXV-2017, San Diego, CA, USA
  3. The Asia Rice Foundation USA (ARFUSA) study and travel award-2015 for IRRI, The Philippines
  4. Monsanto’s Beachell-Borlaug International Scholar Program Fellowship -2011 
  5. Qualified ICAR-SRF-(PGS) conducted by NAARM, Hyderabad, India (2008-09)
  6. 1st rank secured in Master’s  at  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agril & Tech., Meerut, India
  7. Gold Medal in Undergraduate by CCRD College, MuzaffarNagar (CCSU, Meerut), India.

Book chapters:

1.  A. Kumar, S. Yingling, C. Cruiz, Y. Dwiningsih, C. Gupta, J. Thomas, P. Counce, T. J. Sibbenmorgen, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, and A. Pereira (2019). Screening of Inidca and Japonica subspecies for grain yield and quality under high nighttime temperature. In R. J. Norman and K.A.K. Moldenauer (Eds.), B. R. Wells Arkansas rice research studies 2018 under breeding, genetics, and physiology category. Pp 61-66.

2. A. Kumar, S. Yingling, J. Thomas,C. Cruiz, Y. Dwiningsih, C. Gupta, P. Counce, T.J. Sibbenmorgen, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, A. Pereira (2018). Screening of diverse Japonica rice genotypes for grain yield and quality under high nighttime temperature. In R. J. Norman and K.A.K. Moldenauer (Eds.), B. R. Wells Arkansas rice research studies 2017 under breeding, genetics, and physiology category. Pp 50-56.

3.  A. Kumar, J. Thomas, S. Yingling, Y. Dwiningsih, V. Ramegowda , J. Gaspar, C. Henry, P. Counce, T.J. Siebenmorgen, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, and A. Pereira (2017). Screening of diverse rice cultivars for heat tolerance and grain quality under high nighttime temperature. In R. J. Norman and K.A.K. Moldenauer (Eds.), B. R. Wells Arkansas rice research studies 2016 under breeding, genetics, and physiology category. Pp 61-67.

4.   A. Kumar, S. Basu, R. Venkategowda, A. Pereira (2017). Mechanisms of drought tolerance in rice. In Takuji Saaski Editor-in-Chief (Edi.), Achieving sustainable cultivation of rice Volume 1 Breeding for higher yield and quality (Pp 6-10). Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited 82 High Street Sawston, Cambridge CB22 3HJ UK.

Research Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals:

1.  Basu S, Ramegowda V, Kumar A and Pereira A (2016). Plant adaptation to drought. F1000Research, 5(F1000 Faculty Rev): 1554.

doi: 10.12688/f1000research.7678.1

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3. Devi Singh, Anuj Kumar, Navneet. Kumar, Vipin Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Amal Bhardwaj, Preeti Sirohi and S. Chand (2011). Comparison of traditional physico-chemical methods and molecular marker assays for characterization of Basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.). African Journal of Biotechnology 10(62): 13390-13398.

4.  Suresh Chand, Anuj Kumar, Vipin Kumar, R Kumar and Devi Singh (2011). Phylogenic analysis of Indica rice (Oryza sativaL.) through molecular markers. Vegetos 24(2):21-24.

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6.  N. Mahajan, D. Singh, A. Kumar, N. Mahajan, V. Kumar, A. Singh, N.Kumar, and B. Ramesh (2011). Molecular marker essays for estimating genetic diversity in aerobic rice (Oryza sativa L.): A comparative assessment. Vegetos 24(1):147-151.

7.  A. Kumar, S. Kumar, R. Kumar, V. Kumar, L.Prasad, N. Kumar and D. Singh (2010). Identification of Blast Resistance Expression in Rice Genotypes using Molecular Markers (RAPD&SCAR). African Journal of Biotechnology 9(24):3501-3509.

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9.  D. Singh, A. Kumar, A. Sirohi and H.S. Dhaliwal (2010). Introgression of genes for dwarfism (sd1) and bacterial leaf blight resistance (Xa21 and xa13) into basmati rice using phenotype and marker-assisted selection. Prog. Agri.10 (3): 166-168.

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Review Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals:

1.  K. Mehla, S. Chaudhary, A. Kumar, V. Kumar, P. Chauhan, S. Gupta, J. Singh, P. Kumar, V. Kumar, N. Kumar, A. Jindal, S. Kumar, V. Sharma, S. Chand, N. Mahajan, A. Singh, B. Ramesh and D. Singh (2011). Advances in DNA sequencing: Challenges and limitations of personal sequencing. African Journal of Agricultural Research 6(6):1277-1280.

2.  D. Singh, A. Kumar and S. Kumar (2011). Functional mechanism of RNA interference technology: A review.Vegetos 24(1):136-141.

3.  D. Singh, A. Kumar, Ashok Kumar, P. Chauhan, V. Kumar, N. Kumar, A. Singh, N. Mahajan, P. Sirohi, S. Chand, B. Ramesh, J. Singh, P. Kumar, R. Kumar, R.B. Yadav and R. K. Naresh (2011). Marker assisted selection and crop management for salt tolerance: A review. African Journal of Biotechnology 10(66): 14694-14698.

Volunteer Activities

Member of Scientific Societies:

1. Crop science society of America (CSSA).

2. American Society of Agronomy (ASA).

3. Crops representative- Crop, Soil, & Environmental Sciences Graduate Student Organization (2016-17).

4.  Judge at senor level in North West Arkansas Science and Technology Fair (2019).

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