Over twenty five years of experience in agricultural research, development and extension in National Agricultural Research System (NARS) of India under various institutes of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Specialization in physiological, biochemical and molecular aspects of various abiotic stress viz., water, temperature, light, salinity and heavy metals in crops/plants/trees. Currently engaged in Climate Change Research using high throughput phenomics specifically in the area of Chlorophyll Florescence Induction Kinetics in plants in relation  to abiotic stress in Maize and Pearl Millet. Seventy days stint in Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech in the area of sorghum drought systems biology. Skilled in metabolic pathway and photosynthetic analysis specific to abiotic stress in crops viz., antioxidant metabolites, redox pathways, proline metabolism, chlorophyll florescence to develop hypothesis driven mechanistic elucidation of stress tolerance and adaptation. Proficient in assay development and physiological assessment of drought tolerance with a sound background in molecular biology. Skilled in bioinformatics with special reference to three dimensional protein structure homology modelling.  Wide exposure to statistical experimental designs and analysis in laboratory and field conditions. Excellent proficiency in English with proven ability in scientific documentation. Twenty five (out of 52) major publications in high impact international journals with cumulative impact factor of over 35 with overall citations of 3848, h index of 21, 42.43 citations per paper and 252 citations per year. Credited with in silico discovery of a DNA binding transcription factor product in chromosome 6 of Sorghum bicolor genome archived in “Nature” preprint server (Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences 4: 2. 133-141), developed a homology model of a possible Cr reducing enzyme in plants (Metallomics, 2009, 1, 375–383), first ever reports in-Current Science, 2004, 86 (7) 901-902 & Trees: Structure and function 2008,22:697-709), Novel Technology (Agroforestry Systems 2005 64(1) 83-87), Process Elucidation (Plant Science, 2004, 166 (4): 1035-1043 cited 104 times) & (Plant and Soil, 2004  265: 141-151) Mechanistic Concept Development (Plant and Soil, 2005, 272 (1-2)77-86) and state of the art  highly cited (>500 citations) review (Environment International, 2005, 31(5) 739-753).  Extensive peer recognition in terms of work in  editorial capacity in the journal "Environmental and Experimental Botany" and Editor in Chief of the Indian Journal of  Dryland Agricultural Research and Development and various other national journals and reviewer and referee for 42 international journals in the areas of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology and Multidisciplinary areas. Excellent knowledge in computers with respect to operating systems, software and web programming in addition to customized knowledge in bioinformatics. Outstanding academic record with the award of Gold Medal for the best student in Masters Programme and ICAR research fellowships awards. Specially developed skills include- Planning and implementation of research projects in Plant/ Crop/ Tree physiology, biochemistry. Conducting technical meetings, presenting advanced subject matter seminars, guiding advanced degree students for Dissertation or Thesis. Identification of research priorities and formulating work strategy as desired with available resources. Extension activities for dissemination of research findings and other relevant information. Analysis of data, concise report writing, preparing status review and reports, scientific documentation and popular report presentations, editing scientific writing, compiling and amalgamating subject matter advancements.  Assisting in allied subject areas as and when needed. Obtaining extra mural funding for research projects of international relevance. Ability to coordinate efforts of many to meet organizational goals.  Decision-making with the spirit of creativity, stability and dedication. Penchant to work in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment.

Career Status:
Government scientist

Research Areas:
Abiotic Interactions, Environmental Plant Biology, Phenomics, Systems Biology


Recent Books

1. Climate Resilient Agriculture Strategies and Perspectives Edited by: Ch.Srinivasa Rao, Arun K. Shanker and Chitra Shanker.   Intech Open Life Sciences  Agricultural and Biological Sciences ISBN 978-953-51-3896-9,

2. Abiotic and Biotic Stress in Plants - Recent Advances and Future Perspectives  Edited by: Arun K. Shanker and Chitra Shanker.   Intech Open Life Sciences  Agricultural and Biological Sciences ISBN 978-953-51-2250-0, 768 pages

3.  Crop Stress and its Management: Perspectives and Strategies 2011 Edited by: Venkateswarlu, B.; Shanker, A.K.; Shanker, C.; Maheswari, M. (Eds.). Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad and Directorate of Rice Research, Hyderabad: Springer Life Sciences  Agriculture 1st Edition ISBN: 978-94-007-2219-4  

4. Abiotic Stress in Plants - Mechanisms and Adaptations 2011 Edited by: Arun Shanker and B. Venkateswarlu. Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad: Intech Open Life Sciences Agricultural and Biological Sciences ISBN: 978-953-307-394-1 

5. Abiotic Stress Response in Plants - Physiological, Biochemical and Genetic Perspectives 2011   Edited by: Arun Shanker and B. Venkateswarlu. Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad: Intech Open Life Sciences  Agricultural and Biological Sciences ISBN: 978-953-307-672-0 

 Recent Best papers

Bhanu, B.D., Ulaganathan, K. and Shanker, A.K., 2019. Seasonal variation in expression pattern of genes in irrigated and water stressed transcriptomes of Zea mays Z59. Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 28(3), pp.271-279.

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