As a 4th year undergraduate student at the University of Florida, currently pursuing a dual degree in Horticultural Science and Biological Engineering. Before coming to the university, I hadn’t had much exposure to the field of plants nor agriculture, as the sciences I chose to study in high school were physics and chemistry. As a result, I originally was considering a major in chemical engineering. It wasn’t until spring of my freshman year that I discovered my passion for agriculture through volunteering with the Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Club (OSAC) at my university. Working in the on-campus Field and Fork gardens, talking with the other student volunteers, and learning about sustainable agricultural practices, I became aware of my interest in agriculture and my desire to improve its sustainability. After talking with advisors in both the Biological Engineering and Horticultural Science departments, I decided that a dual degree would be the best option for me. My advisor in Horticultural Science also introduced me a researcher in the department, Dr. Jeong Im Kim, whose lab I am currently working in. Dr. Kim has provided me with incredibly helpful guidance regarding my future studies, and I am very grateful for her support and belief in my abilities. This fall and spring semester, I will be working on a project in her lab, funded by a scholarship from the University Scholars Program at my school. I am excited to continue work on this project, as well as continue my studies in Biological Engineering and Horticultural Science.

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Molecular Biology, Signals and Responses, Phenomics

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Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Club (OSAC)

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