Henry D. Thoreau once wrote that if you convinced him that you had a seed, he was prepared to expect wonders. If you ask me, Thoreau was entirely right!  When looking at land plants' evolution, we can see that the origin of seeds –as complex and mesmerizing as it is– was decisive for colonizing dry land. Also, there is an innumerable quantity of different strategies to ensure seeds are suited not only for dispersal in space and time but also the process of natural regeneration. Precisely, here it's where I enter!

I'm interested in using seed functional ecology and seed ecophysiology as a tool to better understand natural regeneration in tropical ecosystems. Currently, I'm doing my MSc. Plant Biology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) in a project of the Centre of Ecological Synthesis and Conservation.

As a result of my experience with different projects –from germination ecology, through seed rain and soil seed banks– I've realized seed ecology is an overlooked discipline. Given its importance for conserving and restore ecosystems, I want to contribute to this area by creating content that brings together people with seed science and inspires others to research on it. 

Besides my scientific interest, I'm an amateur photographer and archer. If you are an enthusiast of photography, like me, you can follow my account on Instagram, where I publish photos and information about tropical plants!

Career Status:
Graduate Student

Research Areas:
Ecology, Ecophysiology, Applied Plant Biology, Education and Outreach


A list of my publications, can be found in my ResearchGate Profile:

Volunteer Activities

Coordinator of the Student Research Group in  Seed and Seedling Ecophysiology (Jan 2015 - Jan 2019) | Monitor "Historia Verde" Project - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Jul 2016 - Jul 2018) | Coordinator of the Student Research Group in  High-Mountain Vegetation Ecology (Jul 2015 - Nov 2016) | Voluntary Park Ranger - PNN Selva de Florencia (Jun - Jul 2014)

Current Affiliations
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