I graduated from University College Dublin with a BSc in Plant Biology. During my degree I participated in a study abroad programme at McGill University in Montréal, Canada.

I have very diverse interests which are visible through my previous research projects:

  • I am interested in computational biology and fundamental evolutionary genetics, and I completed my undergraduate thesis on genome evolution within a long-term cell culture. 
  • I am also passionate about global food security and I worked on turmeric genetics in BIOTEC at the National Science and Technology Development Agency in Bangkok, Thailand. 
  • I am interested in plant responses to past and future climates and I completed a project in the UCD Palaeobotany lab.

For my PhD I am investigating the hemp (Cannabis sativa) genome. I am exploring the genes controlling highly important agricultural traits such as flowering time which will aid the integration of this highly sustainable, multi-functional crop into modern society. This project encompasses many of my interests including global food security, genomics, next-generation sequencing and computational biology.

I am funded by the Irish Research Council.

Career Status:
Graduate Student

Research Areas:
Genetics, Computational Biology, Molecular Biology, Development, Genomics

Volunteer Activities

- Plantae fellow. As a Plantae fellow I am involved in Plant Science Research Weekly and I write weekly summaries and design graphical abstracts on newly published plant science literature.
I was also part of designing infographics on hemp and ginkgo to celebrate Fascination of Plants Day 2020.
I am a Plant Biology 2020 Community Network Leader and I wrote a number of blog posts about this year's conference (machine learning, genome editing, presenting posters in a pandemic) as well as acting as a moderator for Plenary Symposium IV (Harnessing the Potential of Genome Editing for Tomorrow's Agriculture) and Concurrent Symposium 23 (Transforming the Pace of Plant Functional Genomics). 

- Active committee member of the UCD Biological Society. Activities include representative of student members (2016/2017), Events and Communications officer (2017/2018), Vice President (2018/2019). Responsible for organising events such as the George Siegerson Award for Inspiring Aspiring Scientists (recipients: Sir David Attenborough, Nobel Laureates Sir Paul Nurse and Professor Ada Yonath, and Professor Beth Shapiro) and a Women in Biology event.

- Outreach on the behalf of UCD including giving presentations and participating on panels, and Q&A sessions for prospective students.

- Speaking to primary school (10-12-year olds) and high school students (15-17-year olds) about science and my research. With younger students I will conduct fun experiments to encourage and cultivate their interest in science (especially plants!). I also try to assist primary school teachers with inspiration and ideas for simple yet effective experiments to conduct with students. 

- Campaign and participate in Mini Marathons and fundraisers for the Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust.

Current Affiliations
Experience & Education